Hello again everyone and particularly hello to anyone from Running The World! This is the home of my personal site dedicated to my running adventures and anything else of interest connected with this activity. I originally set up 400 Meters to Go when I took up running again, but quickly lost interest because I didn’t feel I had a lot to write about. But now I’m more involved than ever and with plenty to aim for, I’m reviving it and I’d like to thank the people from RTW with whom I’ve already learned and discussed so much with.

The title, to fill you in, is just something I coined because I swear I hear that phrase a lot as a race approaches its finish on TV. Whether its watching Mo Farah win that 10,000metres at London 2012, David Weir at the Paralympics, or even just any long distance event shown on TV, I seem to uphold and remember this phrase more than most. Perhaps because it represents an end in sight. The glory of finishing right at your feet. That sense of achievement. That all that pain, that struggle, that effort, was worth it.


So how have things been going since I introduced myself to practically no one? Well, I completed the 2012 Bradford City Run, a 10K race that shrank by 1200 metres due to a marshalling error, much to disgust from more seasoned runners. So it was 35:20 over 8.8K, 54th out of 538 – not bad for a complete amateur! But around that time I also had a niggling knee problem that arose whenever I ran. So I stopped running for three months whilst frustratingly having to deal with a pill-happy doctor, until eventually I got physiotherapy on the NHS – where it was found my knee was maltracking and my balance was awful. Eventually I got some exercises for knee strengthening and I worked my way back to fitness. I’m forever in debt to my physio Mags for her help – I found the confidence to run again as a result and it was good to find someone in the medical profession who was keen to get me back to fitness and not have me vegging out on ibuprofen for three to six months.

Preparation since I was confirmed my place for the Great North Run has been disruptive to say the least – seemingly week on, week off due to injuries or sickness. Thankfully right now I’ve found a regular pattern to settle into. The last month hasn’t been as troublesome and while I can’t be too cautious with my knees and ankles, I’m really in the zone right now. Training is now in its critical phase with less than 12 weeks to go and just yesterday I bust out a 10.09 mile run in 80 minutes. That included some pretty steep hills too, and my average pace is dipping below 8:00 per mile now. I’m still a little off my target pace which will see me clock my target of 1:40:00 or under at GNR, but there’s much more training yet and I’m continuing to improve.

I’ll leave it at that for now everyone, but do expect more from me in the future now I’m taking running seriously. I’ll leave you with a shot of me about to guzzle a chocolate Yazoo. Cheerio!